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Hiv Exposure and Symptoms

Dear Doc I am 32 WM and live in South Africa. I am very healthy , dont drink often or take drugs. I am unfortunelty one of those guys that when I drink and dont remember to much and also do really stupid things. I had two possible encounters.

1) 1st Encounter 21 July. Went to a NO SEX massage parlour.Things got out of hand I had unprotected vaginal sex. It was not continous but lasted less than 10 seconds then I stopped.No known symptoms except for swollen lymph gland behind my ear and under my jaw after 1 week. I thought this way due my gums which were red and sore due to hard flossing and brushing. Doc gave me antibiotics which made them go smaller but not disappear.Went for HIV 4th generation Abbot Elisa test + P24 Antigen after 4 weeks which came back negative.Then again after 7 weeks which was negative aswell

2) 2nd Encounter 15 August.Got really drunk , had sex with a escort but am 50 -60 % sure it was protected.I am really struggling to remember. Symptoms that followed a week after encounter and still present today. Pressure on head , vertigo ,dizziness , nausea , extreme fatigue that lasted 1 week , swollen red eyelids , really stiff neck, swollen lymph nodes which are under my arms , lower neck and groin. The rest are shotty lymph nodes that I can feel. Went to the Doctor who was not concerned about the nodes and checked my ears. He diagnosed me with viral ear infection. Symptoms have progressed to muscle twitching and joint pain throughout my body.Went for same HIV test 1 and 3 weeks from exposure and came back negative. I did not have any fever or no weight loss.Its been 4 weeks and still feel like ****. Doc said viral ear infections can take weeks to clear up.

My question is , does any of these symptoms sound like HIV symptoms and does the viral ear infection have anything to do with HIV.Its just very concerning that 1 week after possible exposure I get a viral ear infection.

Thanks for helping out.

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Even though none of your symptoms are specific to HIV and they came on to early to be indicative of HIV, you will need to test at 3 months post exposure to obtain a conclusive test result. You keep having unprotected sex and you are going to get yourself infected. Excessive drinking and sex don't mix.
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