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Hiv False Positive?

Hello forum, yesterday I had an HIV test done at the clinic. Today I was suppose to get my result but the doctor said that my results were delayed do to doubtful or a positive result. He said to comeback tomorrow. Now, I am going crazy thinking that I will get a positive result. My risk was UNPROTECTED oral sex with a sex worker (she gave me a blowjob). How common are false positive results??? Please help me (((
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Not likely! Did you have vaginal sex with her? How long has it been since the event, and when you got tested? Are there symptoms?
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No vaginal sex took place. Oral only. It has been a little over 3 months. No symptoms what so ever.
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This would be the first case Positive after blowjob women to man that I saw, please post your final result please!!
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I hope it won't be positive..I'm sending my best wishes..Because many people here take the advice that insertive oral sex in not a risk for hiv and no need to test or worry..
But this leads to the next thought :
Since people almost NEVER get tested for insertive oral sex how can be ever ANY document cases? They maybe get infected from receiving oral and then attribute the infection to another more risky situation they had in future..
And the cohort studies between serodiscordant couples are limited as many of the partners were on medication, maybe they followed oral very carefully etc...
My best wishes buddy!!!
Keep us informed!!!
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Is this the only exposure you had? False positives due happen.
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Anything sexual before that?
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You never needed testing for this encounter, and you never had a risk of HIV from receiving oral sex.
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even the most conservative sources say you won't get it by being sucked. so if your confirmatory test is poz this would be something unique i think. please share and if it is a negative we'll all be relieved.
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We agree that we all be relieved with a negative. But what you say about the most conservative resources is not true. The clearly state that there is a small risk. And we should understand before it's too late, I hope it won't be late for me and others..

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Explains why doctors choose to say it's almost no risk :


And this one talking about infectious cells in saliva during primary infection

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Things are not so simple during primary infection.
Saliva can be infectious during primary infection when applied in some mucus membranes :

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Did you get a new answer about your test result?
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