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I really worried of having high risk exposure twice with two different sex workers (Vaginal /Oral unprotected Sex) 6 months back.

I did not notice any symptoms or may be missed it i rarely can remember that i had only sore throat for 3-4 days.

Then i had sex with my GF after 7-10 days she had rash on her face (cheeks only and Burning Sensation ) as per dermatologist it was due heat reaction of sitting next to Heater she didnt have any other symptoms till date.

After 3 months of exposure I started itching sensation on my back thighs and armpits no visible rash.

Before 01 month i noticed lymph nodes in my cervcal neck area as per doctore she perfomed Ultra Sound the nodes were reactive and below 1 cm she performed CBC , CRP and ESR all turned out negative . Only concern for me was the lymphocytes count was high 61%

As per the doctor the nodes are reactive and of no suck concern ( No pain or swelling ).

I have stinging sensation in my Armpits and little pain in my groin area no feeling of lymphs in these areas.

I am very much worried about HIV are these all due to HIV????

Please help i am facing severe anxiety and stress from last 4-5 months now please reply me
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You need to test for HIV.  Symptoms do not tell you anything about your HIV status, and none of the other tests you have taken can tell you about your HIV status.  The ONLY way to diagnose or rule out HIV is to take an HIV test.  

You can test immediately for your conclusive result.
Thanks ... Just one quick followup can only the rash on her face (cheeks only) be due to ars.... and can Lymph node appear after 3 months
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No.  An HIV-related rash always appears on the torso.  It may also appear other places, but always on the torso.

Forget about the swollen lymph node.  There are hundreds of causes for swollen lymph nodes.  
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