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3 1/2 weeks ago I had sex with a white CSW in North Jersey, she gave me oral without a condom for a few minutes and they we had vaginal intercourse for about 7 minutes.  At the end I realized the condom broke, it may have broke when I ejacuated, but then it could have broke before that as well.  I asked her if she had anything and she said no, but I am unsure if she was telling the truth.  I also had a small cut on my penis on the shaft that was about half healed that may have been exposed.  I have had no symptoms but am still very worried due to the fact the condom broke and of the small cut on my penis.  Do you recommand that I get tested?  What percentage of white escort women have hiv in New Jersey/New York?  Is four weeks enough time to get tested?  Have you ever heard of a sitituation like this where a man got hiv, and you belive that they weren't lying?
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Test at 3 months for conclusive result.
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I don't get the point of asking a hooker/escort if she is clean. She's hardly going to say "I'm absolutely riddled mate".
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Doesn't matter who it is, it is always best to ask a partner about STD's and HIV.
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But what I mean is, it's a complete non-sensible question. What hooker in her right mind would admit to having HIV? If anything it would be extremely poor business practice. It's akin to asking an estate agent if the house he's selling is nice - "haha no chance! It's a pile of ****, surprised its still standing" asking a Prozzy if she's clean... "no I'm not. AIDS & syphillis last time I checked, now where do u want me?"
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Considering any hooker or anyone else for that matter, that knows they have HIV knows that they have to disclose their HIV status it's called jail time with fines. So no it was not a non-sensible question.
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