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Dear Community

I have gotten my self into a peculiar situation and need some assistance.

I had a tonsillectomy two weeks ago. Since i got my tonsils removed there was an open wound in my mouth, although the wound had healed to some extent due to the operation being done two weeks ago.

I made out with a prostitute and went down on her yesterday. I am been reading on line that there is a documented case of hiv being transmitted through kissing while both the parties had bleeding gums.

I am really worried so may i have some clarification as to what my risk are
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You are freaking out for a theoretical risk, not having any physical evidence. Kissing does not put you at any risk of HIV transmission, regardless of the state of oral hygiene of the participating partners
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HI Thanks for your response , but since i had bib wounds in my mouth wouldnt this put me at risk ?? if possible could i have a more in-depth answer as being in this mind frame  causes paranoia
If the situation was like that, both of your mouths were bleeding profusely and then you both engaged in deep kissing, then there was a slight chance of HIV transmission. However, in such situation your would rather prefer to visit a clinic rather then having fun time.

Under normal circumstances, even there is a case of minor blood, saliva in our mouth comes in contact with that blood first and saliva carries several enzymes, capable of inactivating the HIV almost instantly, bringing your chances of getting HIV to Zero
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