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Hiv/aids high chance?

Hi, about 4-5 months ago I got really messed up, was in a bad place, and had unprotected sex with a gay male I talked to occassionally. It was unprotected, me as the top, and i do not know his status despite seeming to be "clean" and blah. Of course I'm aware I'm at risk. But how much is really driving me crazy. Scheduled and appointment for tomorrow, but just would like helpful and maybe even reassuring opinions. The sex was very short but i did ejaculate in him... i am obviously stupid i get it. But helpful comments would be appreciated...
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First of all, NOBODY here is judging you! We have ALL made decisions we regret.

You already know that being the top presents a lower risk........the difficulty was finding a reliable percentage table. I located the following table for you from the University of California at San Francisco that I hope will give you SOME reassurance until you get your results back from your test tomorrow, which will be conclusive. I wish you the very best outcome.

  Risk of HIV transmission via anal intercourse, per sexual act

Per-act probability
Insertive partner's risk (circumcised)
(1 in 909)
Insertive partner's risk (uncircumcised)
(1 in 161)

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Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.
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You're welcome and I responded to the PM you sent me.

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Are the statistics you provided based on those whove had unprotectdd sex or safe sex though???:( im freaking out, wont get my results till tuesday, had my blood drawn today. No symptoms... but i know that can matter very little in some cases
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The stats were based on unprotected anal sex.

Symptoms are NEVER an indication of status. ONLY a blood drawn test can determine the presence of HIV.

I wish you the very best
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