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Hiv and other STD Risk from Vaginal Fluids

Hi I had sex with someone that I have been talking to for a while now. I know they were tested for chlamydia and gonohrea a few months ago and so was I and we were negative for that but she admittedly had protected sex with someone after we tested. Anyway we had sex through the hole in my boxers with a condom on a week and a half ago. She does not know her HIV, hepatitis, herpes status for certain but said she had no reason to think she has anything. I had an open abrasion on my penis from dry masturbation a few days earlier. I am certain that is what it is because I was tested prior for the 10 panel and have not had any exposure as well as I commonly have them as I also have psoriasis and eczema. My concern is here after I thought about some things. I kept the condom on the entire act but she did leave vaginal fluids on my boxers. I took the condom off once we were done and possibly had the head of my penis (with the abrasions) come in contact with the fluid on my boxers and of course I had the boxers on for about an hour afterwards. Should I be worried about HIV or any other STD based on this info? I just started thinking about it today and can’t rest my mind.
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Protected sex is not going to give you HIV.  The only ways adults get HIV is from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  That's really it.  Even if her vaginal fluid was on you or your boxers.  Only the head of your penis needs to be covered which the condom took care of.  And outside the body, if the head of your penis touched anything uncovered does not put you at risk as air inactivates the virus.  All transmission is inside the body.  You had zero risk from this encounter.
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What about any other STDs that could have possibly been in her fluids especially since I had a big raw spot on the head of my penis from the friction that may have come in contact with the fluid
This is the HIV forum and that is all we address here.  You would need to ask about other std's on the std forum.  However, protected sex always means less risk.  
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