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Hiv and other std concern

Yesterday I went to a massage parlor and engaged with a CSW. It started off with slight body rubbing and very light kissing. Breast sucking. And then she took off her pants (left her panties on) and i proceeded to finger her over the panties. She then rubbed her butt on my bare penis until I ejeaculated on her butt over the panties. There was no penetration to the best of my knowledge. Especially because she was wearing her panties the whole time. Is there any risk here?
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The only adult risks for HIV are:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

In order for HIV transmission to occur, sexually, penetration must happen.  You are safe from HIV and no testing is needed.  If you have questions about STDs, you can ask here:  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
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Thank you. Super anxious about it all. But no penetration = no risk?
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Sorry I have to follow up. 13 days after possible exposure I now have a 102 degree temperature. Is this cause for concern? I know the risk listed above is not a likely one for hiv transmission, but is there any chance without full blown penetration that I could contract?
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Please see a GP for your discomfort. As told to you before, you weren't at risk and that's all you must focus on. It is not necessary for you to test.
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Sorry you have a fever but it has nothing to do with HIV.  Since you  had zero risk, you can't have HIV.  Take HIV off the list of things to blame for being sick.  This time of year, there is flu and viruses all around.  That is probably to blame.  You had no risk for HIV.
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Thank you all. My rational mind knows that I should be ok. But when anxiety takes over I freak out. Appreciate everything you guys do on here. Bless you all.
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