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Hiv anxiety after known exposure and quick question concerning the test

Hello im here to tell my story , 10 weeks ago i had sex with HIV positive girl she didnt tell me until after that it was vaginal protected sex and we did it three times after that i got pimple in my penis so i went to ask her if she got any STDs she told me she have all of them including HIV , i started to panick and its big stigma here since im in muslim country anyway im pharmacist so i should have used protection and since i know some signs of ARS anyway may symptoms i started to feel very anxious my ARS started on week 7 i had fever 37.5 / muscle aches / sore throat after that my tounge were white i thought it was thrush but it wasn't i had dry mouth not a surprise since im smoker and sometimes i felt my lymph node is enlarged even my salivary glands!! So i decided to take the test yesterday and it was veru difficult to go through and today i found out that im negative , its literally the forst breathe after being drowning! Anyway your brain is strong it can make you magically feel sick!
I wanna ask the drs and experts here smth i dont know what test i had since in the doctor himself didnt know! Weird right? But i took the test at 10 week and its blood test in the lab so is it conclusive?
And here is the link of test i took http://www.cairoscan.com.eg/Immunology/Human_Immunodeficiency_Virus_HIV
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Hi Bsidjhda, your 10 weeks antibody test is almost conclucive, however a 12 weeks test is still recommended according to cdc and who guidelines
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10 weeks* thankyouuu so much i just wanted to mske sure and tell others to relax a bit cuz the hiv anxiety is real and it mess with your life
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I am not sure what did the doctor miss here but it's clearly mentioned on the page that is an antibody test. At 10 months post exposure, a negative with this test definitively rules out HIV infection. You don't have HIV, your symptoms were totally irrelevant.
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10 weeks*
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Sorry it was vaginal unprotected*****
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