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Hiv chance, if any, from unseen precum?

Hey. sad story. yesterday i was was with a guy i know for years and we always use condom but this time he insist his friend will join us and only after we began he told me this time we wont use condom. he told me he use prep and his friend got negative test from latley and he can "show me after" . we finished late, and ofc he wont show me a test or prep for some reason. we did anal sex as me as reciver but they didnt finish and i didnt even saw precum when they got out. when i got little stress they told me that they are on MDMA so theyll need hours to have sperm (i didnt know they were on mdma). i know odds both are negative but lets say he lie and they both positive without even knowing : what are the odds of getting hiv without even see precum? i know its possible there was little amount i didnt see but really - is it high odds? should i run ask for pep?

i know it sounds bad but i always use condom. i dont know why i couldnt say no this time but i learnt my lesson.  :(
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Well, you obviously had a risk. The thing is, you know one of them and he said he's on prep and he's used condoms with you previously. Why would he lie? And the second guy? Well, I don't know. Chances are he really has tested and is not hiv+. Regardless, the risk is quite SMALL. Less than 1 percent transmission rate for a one time sexual encounter. You'll need to test at 28 days with a 4th generation DUO test but would expect it to be negative. Honestly, your 'friend' who put you in this position sounds like a jerk for it so I'd not get together with him again.
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There are too many missing words and irrelevant things in that long story to make sense of it. No one here knows if they lied.

Just answer this.
Was a condom used for anal?
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No condom used, thats why i stressing out. but there was no sperm, they didnt finish and i didnt see precum for what its worth (hope its lowering my risk ) . again, thanks.                              
You had a risk since there was anal with 2 people that you can't trust. They planned this and won't talk to you now.
You can talk it over with your doctor, but you will have to make the decision whether to take PEP within the 72 hour window that PEP will work.
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