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Hiv combo test at 74 day with pep

I had unprotected sex so I went to the hospital on 7/12 and was instructed to take pep at hour 57, I planned to have 12 weeks to be tested for 84 days but I'm so stressed and today is 74 days after the risk i getting hiv combo test, the result is negative in s/co 0.04 , is this peace of mind, should i be worried, i'm afraid pep slows down the production of antigens and antibodies so it's not accurate
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It seems like you already know that your test isn't conclusive until the 12 week mark.  Test at the appropriate time to know your status for sure.
Thank you for your reply, so i dont know test afer risk 12 week or test after pep 12 week for sure,please advise me, thank you again
12 weeks post-PEP.
12 week post-pep is 16 week after risk ? Sr for my bad english because im in Vietnam
12 weeks after your last dose of PEP.
Was it oral, anal or vaginal unprotected?
Vaginal unproteced because im drunk, Anxiousnomore , i need your advise
My test is hiv combo ag/ab fourth generation, 6 week after last dose pep, 10week 4 day after risk, may i safe ?
Please read what curfewx wrote. While your test is unlikely to change, to be conclusive, you have to wait to the appropriate date. Which you know. That you are anxious and tested before then isn't really a question or anything you need help with. District yourself for a bit longer and test at the important time.  A one time unprotected sexual exposure is less than one percent chance of transmitting HIV. So, that you got hiv is highly unlikely.  But test when it is the right time. That's all.
Thank you both for everything
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