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Hiv common symptoms !

Hi guys ,
I have a wuic quistion not related to an exposure !
Why every one thinks that he had an exposure start developing hiv symptoms even thou the test negative out of the window period !

Most of them develop fitage , lymph nods , night sweet , sore throat , and white tongue !!

Whats the common thing between all of them ?

Is it anxiety ?  
Do u think anxiet can case same symptoms in all of them even thou most of them didnt even think about hiv till they got these symptoms ?

Is there a different virus they got and duno about it thats why all of them experiance the same symptoms !?

Im just thinking loud and would like to hear ur opinion ..

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We do not discuss symptoms or any anxiety symptoms here .. This forum is HIV Specific.
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Thanks Mak for ur reply ,
Im just wondering if theres anything else can case all these symptoms for all of them thou they r hiv negative and most of them if not all test negative for other std's as well ,

Got me ?
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There are plenty of other health issues then HIV SYMPTOMS.
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I know but all of them ? And after a possible exposure !
It doesnt make any sense to me !

All of them have same symptoms "hiv" symptoms
All of them test negative after the window period
And negative for other Std's

So the question is whats the common thing between all of them ?

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HIV has no specific symptoms.
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Thanks teak for ur respond
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If you had a risk then just take a test at the appropriate time.
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So teak , whats ur opinion about all of them experiance the same symptoms even thou not hiv related !

Is it another virus that is not discovered yet ?  

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see your doctor
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Hi rainlover
Im not talkin about any risk ,

But i tested negative for antigen/antibodies at 5 months

Im just wondering what is behind the symptoms even after the negative result ?
And its not about me coz i'd reac here many ppl have symptoms and test negative
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Could be a lot of things. If you are concerned about your symptoms see your PCP.
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symptoms of HIV are not specific.If you are having symptoms then go and see a doctor.
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