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Hiv duo test


I did a hiv duo test (negative) more then 4 weeks after an exposure.

Is this 4th generation?
Or could this also be 3rd generation?

What is the difference between 3rd and 4th gen?
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Third Generation of HIV tests only looks for the body's response to HIV infection - Antibodies.

Fourth Generation of HIV tests are advance, they look for antibodies and also a core viral protein called - p24 antigen.

Your test was a fourth generation HIV test and you have tested conclusively negative.
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Your exposure would be good to have.  If could share that please.

But in general, if you took a duo test, that is a 4th generation test.  4 weeks after your exposure, a duo test is 98% accurate.  
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Some members say it is conclusive after 4 weeks?
Okay, so unprotected vaginal is a risk.  Oral sex is not.  People only get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drugs.  But you need to know that a one time unprotected vaginal exposure is very low risk of less than 2 percent.  So, it's very unlikely.

You need to call where you had the test to inquire if it was a DUO or not if you are unsure.  If so, it's 4th generation and your result would be accurate and I'd trust it.  
I know for sure it was a DUO test. The test was today. The exposure is more then 4 weeks ago. Do I need to test again?
Is this conclusive?
Can I move on?
Duo is called 4gen and is called combo because it checks 2 things. You are safe because duo is conclusive at 4 weeks.
So I am 100% safe? I don't need to test anymore?
This is my last question!
You do not need to test any more.  Wear a condom next time.  take care
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What was your risk, oral, anal or vaginal and did you use condom?
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Unprotected vaginal and oral.
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