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Hiv exposure risk, negative rna pcr at 16 days, but having symptoms

Hi. Recently, I went out with a man, who forced me into sex on the first date and did not wear a condom. I am a female. I have been extremely anxious since then. About 6 days after, I started having symptoms such as muscle soreness, loss of appetite, stomach issues, low fever, sore throats that come and go, pain in lymph nodes, but no swelling, very tired and unwell feeling. It is now day 22 post exposure and I still feel horrible (so for two weeks or more now). I am so scared that he gave it to me. I did not know about pep at the time, until it was too late. I tested negative with the hiv rna pcr test at 16 days post possible exposure, and had a negative 4th gen test at 19 days as well. I know I still need another test in a couple of weeks. But is there any knowledge about the accuracy, as far as the rna pcr test? I feel convinced that I have it, based on how I have felt for the last two weeks. Thank you for any information
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Some men give other men a really bad name ----  a person who does that to a woman is NOT a man.  
I would expect you to be anxious under these circumstances but keep in mind that a one time exposure of unprotected vaginal sex is a very low risk.  It's around 1% which means the odds are in your favor by a lot to have not been an even in which HIV would transmit to you. But, you did have a risk so DO need to test.  Your rna pcr test at 16 days is a really good sign.  Your 4th generation test is not terribly meaningful as it was taken too early.  You should just wait.  Don't waste your time or money on anymore testing until 28 days.  I would expect a test taken then to be negative based on the PCR test and our low risk of it being just one time.  
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I appreciate your reply. That was helpful. I guess I wouldn’t be so worried if I hadn’t been so sick the last couple of weeks. That’s what makes me so scared. I don’t think I have ever been this sick, and the timing is not good, based on when that happened. I know you can’t diagnose off of symptoms alone though.  But next week will be my 28 day mark. So I plan to get tested again then. Thank you.
People cough on your lips and door knobs so flu is to be expected at any time.
"I know you can’t diagnose off of symptoms alone" That is an understatement, because you can't diagnose off symptoms at all, so HiV doctors don't try, and you shouldn't either, Try to relax until you can test because that is the only useful diagnostic.
Yes, that is true. Thank you. Waiting is the hardest part i suppose.
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