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Hiv fear

Hi everyone,first i apologise for my bad english,but i really need some advice.
In november i was at a csw and and vaginal intercouse with condom on and unprotected oral.
i was so freaked out after this incident because im no experienced.
After a while i learn that there wasn't any hiv cases for receiving oral sex.
BUT i started to panick after that if the condom was used correct or if it was on.
I know it sound stupid but i panicked so much about the oral and forgot when she did took out the condom from me
I cant remember.
I wasn't drunk or high at that time,i was off work and i wanted a good time.The anxiety drove me crazy and if i take a hiv test i am scared to pe false positive since i read that are many so results ou there,I don't know what my problem is all i remeber is small fraction but i cant connect them to put my mind at ease.I know at that time that i was very calm when the vaginal intercouse was hapening and i know that i didnt feel a damn thing when i was inside her.Do i need professinal help?Can anybody please say anithing that would take this out of my mind
I apologise for my bad english again and i hope i didnt upset anybody with my irrational stupid question but ive got to take out of my shoulders.I posted this on anxiety forum and they sent me here
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if you had condom on all the time = no HIV risk. if you don't remember then it is not a bad idea to test
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thank you.today i made the test and im waiting.
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i did ask her on the phone and she was upset an told me that hiv is spread trough vaginal intercouse
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thank you for response my stupid question.now i just wait for the result but i feel like ****.
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