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Hiv fear

I have concern ragrding hiv and std.
I had an exposure with CSW in sept16.
I used condom for the vaginal sex.
But since I lost erection in between i removed the condom using palm and with the same hand I touched my penis and foreskin immideatly.
Since the vaginal fluid was there on the condom & i used the same hand to touch my genital,can i be infected for hiv and std.
After 3 months I developed red rashes on my right arm which disappeard with in 3 to 4 days. And since than feeling cronic fatigue,weight loss,loss of appetide,muscle pain & Body pain.
I have gone through 6 hiv test(3 rapid test,2 -3rd gen antibody hiv screening ECLIA method ,1- combo test p24 cmia method (at 8 month), inbetween 3 to 9 months of incedence which all are non-reactive
Tested for hep B,C,VDRL, siphilis,urine culture, CBC. also. All are non reactive
except CBC in which total leyucocytes count is 13700 and in absolute leucocyte count -neutrophills9.70thou/mm3,lymphocytes 3.22 thou/mm3 which are above normal range.
Now i Got red scratch like rash on my face after 10 months.
Seeing all the symptoms and CBC report should i go for further testing.would you suggest PCR test for Hiv.
Can i be amongst the seronegative persons who does not produce antibody for HIV because of their genitic reasons??
Do The test done in the private laboratory has its authenticity in india or it may be wrongly reported to avoid the process of reporting it to the local govt. Healthcare authority.??
After 9 months i made sex relation with my wife and she got all flu like symptoms and fever and is not fine still.
I am in a bit of a panic so would appreciate some advice.
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You had zero HIV risk and did not give HIV to your wife. Your symptoms probably make sense to you as HIV but aren't HIV so it is just coincidence that your wife is sick for a few weeks. Maybe she just has a flu, but she doesn't have HIV and can't.
Symptoms are not used to diagnose and so whatever health concerns you and she have should be looked at by a doctor since you have no medical training, and are focusing on the only disease that you can't have.

Only sex risks for HIV are unprotected anal or vaginal penetrating sex which you didn't have so you CAN'T have HIV.

HIV is instantly inactivated in air so it can't infect which is what happened as soon as you were outside her vagina. The science is 40 years old and well proven so nothing you can add including more details or symptoms will make your situation a risk.
Your tests have conclusively proven you don't have HIV, but were a waste of your time since you can't have HIV anyway.
Sorry to add I touched the Glans of Penis and inner foreskin with the same hand having vaginal fluid on it.
And even it might be possible that condom broke may have been overlooked because i was drunk.
After 3 months all the physical symptoms and full body muscle ace and pain in eyes, foogy mind,weight loss, rashes etc. all these are causing doubt.and persisting till now.
I have seen the Doctors also but could not find any reason & there is no improvement after medication.
Pl. Suggest if there is some doubt after all these tests or the tests are conclusive.??
Which test should i go for??
Reread the advice a few times, especially about the 40.
Sorry to hear you are still feeling sick but that changes nothing in my advice. If you really are feeling sick it is something only your doctor can diagnose, and sometimes you need a second opinion from another doctor.

It is hard to imagine wide ranging issues like a foggy mind, rash and eye pain relating to each other, but no one can diagnose you from here.
My lymphocytes count is 15.9 in todays cbc report
Does it co relate to hiv infection plz.reply soon
I am dying with anxiety
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HIV is inactivated by air so touching vaginal fluid with your hand and then your penis is not a risk. The virus is fragile and would become inactive.  HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms, only a test.  What you've written here is not a threat of HIV transmission so your symptoms are because of something else.  Please see your doctor to determine their root cause.  Best
Thanks...you Guys are wonderful...supporting a lot in this tough time when i can not discuss it with anybody.
Does it may be the chances that i had overlooked condom break??
Does condom brake having hole or it makes wide opening when rupture??
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