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Hiv from got punched

Hi there (CurvewX, Rainlovers and other member)

Just last night, i was having a party in a club while suddenly a fight broke up between my friend and couple of strangers (no offence, but some of them are skinny tattoed gay).

When i tried to break the fight, i got punched in the face from them (single punch on my upper mouth), that caused several wounds on my inner lip (probably because of friction between the inner lip and my numb teeth, and i have some ulcers too)

i didn't know if there are some bloods on puncher's hand neither scars/abbrassion etc because it was too dark.

My questions :

1. What are the chances of having caught HIV? I didn't know if the puncher cut his knuckle on my tooth by hitting it

2.If priorly there are some bloods from abbrassions on his knuckle and that blood touches my wounded inner lip during the punch, does it lead to hiv infection?

3. do i need PEP for this accident? considering it is a recent event.

please kindly response
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You were never exposed to any risk of HIV from the situation you described.
1. Zero
2. No
3. No
thanks for your answer. another question from me,

1. could you explain more about hiv risk from fighting?
because some websites put fighting in low risk category of hiv infection and i consider my situation as a 'fighting'

2. and how about boxing? i know in the US, hiv test should be conducted for both boxer on each match
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You were never exposed to any risk of HIV from the situation you described.
1. Zero
2. No
3. No
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The manner in which you get HIV is very straight forward.  Adults only get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. The transmission takes place inside the host or body. Right?  You can not get HIV from what you describe in any way.  Air inactivates the virus.  Boxing is not a way of getting HIV. Blood splatter does not transmit HIV.  While blood does contain HIV, you can not simply touch it and transmit the virus.  It is very fragile.  This is, again, is why transmission has to take place inside the body.  Use condoms for intercourse and don't share IV drug needles and you'll never have to worry about HIV.  No risk.
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