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Hiv from home test kit ?

Hi are home test kits any virus in ..dont know make of mine but my cut finger touched test line when kit became dismantled and pipette..Could you get infected from kit.Dutch health inspectoarate were vague see below :

Dear Sir
We would like to answer your questions regarding the home tests . You do not state in your e-mail which tests you particularly refer to, therefore our answer will cover all tests.

By stating that some of the products   are not considered to be safe, we principally mean that it is not sure if these tests give a correct result. To the best of our knowledge it is not possible to get infected or become ill by performing a test. Tests usually do not contain live or viable virusses or other pathogens. It should be mentioned though that several of the tests do not comply with European and Dutch legislation and therefore we are not sure if these tests are safe and effective, i.e. if they can harm the patient or give the correct result.

With the CE mark the manufacturer declares that the test complies with the legislation. It is not allowed to sell tests without CE-mark in Europe and has transferred the sales of tests without a CE mark to another  company in Asia. However, it is still not allowed to make these tests available for use on the European market as long as they do not comply with the legislation. Additionally, tests for severe illnesses like hiv/aids and cancer, are not allowed to be sold directly to the end user in the Netherlands and some other European countries. Additionally, tests intended for use in the home envirnment (home tests, self tests, etc.) have to be assessed by a so-called notified body. This notified body will check the design and information provided by the manufacturer and the instructions, to assess if the test is easy to use and understandable for lay persons. The 4-digit number next to the CE-mark is the identification number of the notified body involved. It is always recommended to check the presence of this CE-mark with 4-digit number for self tests.

For severe illnessess like hiv/aids and cancer, we always recommend to visit a physician or general practitioner. For hiv/aids we would like to emphasize the possibility of anonymous and free of charge testing at several health care facilities. Especially in case you have performed a test and do not trust the outcome, we recommend you have the test repeated by a physician.

Hopefully, this information has answered your questions. If you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. L.M. de Vries, M.Sc.


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i dont see where they were vague.

no...you cannot get hiv from taking a home test.
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well the dont say one way or the other  ......"To the best of our knowledge it is not possible to get infected or become ill by performing a test. Tests usually do not contain live or viable virusses or other pathogens......and they are not sure if they can harm patient"

do any of these home kits on internet contain real hiv then
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These guys are just covering their *****. You can not get hiv from a kit.  Slice your arm open and rub the kit all over it.  It still wouldn't be possible.
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so in these kits I believe it was  mirates one is there any actual virus..how does it work?
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your fears are irrational...

the hiv virus could NOT remain active in those conditions and think of the liability "IF" it could.  

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so they actually use real virus in these kits ?
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