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Hiv from rash on toilet?

Hi all,
I have suffered from OCD for years and mine usually takes the form of catastrophic thing and ruminating. My mind is currently ruminating about Hiv even though I'm a virgin and do not use drugs. Here's my situation:

A couple weeks back I used a public toilet. The day before I developed a chafing rash on my inner thigh from running. So I used the toilet which I covered with paper towels. When I was finished I noticed that my rash was bleeding and was pressed against the paper towels on the toilet seat while I was sitting. I'm now scared thinking what if there was hiv blood on the seat that went through the paper towel and into my bleeding rash! I don't remember seeing any blood on the seat initially but I'm not sure. Is infection possible this way? Am I being paranoid? I know this isn't an Hiv forum but I have a feeling I'm just not being rational. This has been ruining my life lately. I have no motivation to do things I enjoy like exercise because I think "why put in the effort? You're going to die from hiv!" I have also just caught a cold an a sore throat which only reinforces me thinking I have hiv. Any advice would be much appreciated.

God bless
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HIV does not spread through objects, toilets, barber shops, dentist clinic etc etc
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Not that diver58 needs my help in this question, but just to offer some back-up on his FACTS.......you absolutely CAN NOT contract HIV from environmental surfaces and #1 on the list is toilet seats.

I also would strongly recommend that you get into therapy to help you deal with your OCD. Haven't you suffered with it long enough? When there is so much excellent help out there for this condition, why not reach out for it?

I wish you a more peaceful life
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Thank you so much for your kind words. Now even if I had a bleeding chaffing wound hiv blood (which I don't think I saw any) couldn't go through the paper towel and into my bloodstream right?

Also I appreciate your recommendation for therapy for OCD and will seek it ASAP. I'm currently on Zoloft but I don't think it's helping.
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