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Hiv from tattoo possibility


I received a tattoo. And during the tattoo my tattoo artist drank a beer with his gloves (without putting on new gloves and after continued tattooing) that was given to him. Is it possible that hiv was on the beer then transmitted on the gloves which he then rubbed in my bleeding wound from the tattoo?

Thanks in advance
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HIV is not viable outside of a living host.  You cannot get HIV that way and will never get HIV from a person who touched something, and then touched or rubbed you.
Yeah im normally not a paranoid guy. But this also not possible if for example the man accidently left some small amount of blood on the beercan which then transmitted on the gloves of my tattoo artist? And then he rubbed it in my wound ? I was also bleeding quite heavenly from the tattoo. It is not like my wound was not open. Which i only later realised that this might be a better pathway then for example sex.
Oh and many thanks for responding :D
Ah well i can get paranoid stds by sex. But normally never that much about hiv or my tattoos. I understand it is a low lifetime risk for where i live and my risk group/sexual actions.
No - that is what I was saying.  And blood on the beer can is OUTSIDE of his body, and is no longer infectious.  It doesn't matter if he rubbed a lot of blood into your wound.  It was on the surface of a beer can, not bleeding directly from his wound to yours.

Do not share intravenous needles, and do not have unprotected anal or vaginal sex with someone whose HIV status you do not know, and you will NEVER get HIV.
Ah okay super thanks for taking this time to respond on my question even for free. It means a lot to me :).
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