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Hiv from urine

Hello I work in a drug testing facility with high amount of needle drug users. Yesterday a client handed me there bottle they wiggled there hand and I believe some urine hit the corner near my nose by my left eye not sure if any went in but let's say it did or there any chances of catching Hiv? Let me point out the bottle of urine looked normal didn't look like the ones I have seen you can tell have blood in it just nervous cause I know the person was in prison and was a needle drug user.
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your chances of getting HIV from having urine splashed in your eye is zero.
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So zero ? None at all okay I don't no why all of a sudden my fear of this has popped up again
This is not an anxiety forum so if you can't get over this non-event you need to see a therapist. Your lab can explain that this is no risk as well.
yes, what I meant by zero, was in fact zero.
Sorry AnxiousNoMore and laxus2012 is what I meant by fear of this popping up again is I used to worry about hiv all the time . Wasn't talking about this situation. But thank you guys for your answers I already asked laxus2012 he did not know but AnxiousNoMore do you know what happened to the Drs form on hiv ?
I think you need help for anxiety as AnxiousNoMore mentioned. looking at your threads in the past, you overreact to stuff and tend to think negative, worse case, even though its not logical. not just regarding HIV, but other issues. Maybe the anxiety section can help, or you should seek out professional help since it seems to be long term. I know this is not the anxiety section and I could be wrong, but to me you fit the criteria.
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