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Hiv hand rash maybe???

Hi. Im a 21 yr. old female. About 3 months ago i had unprotected vaginal sex with someone living in Canada. I got a blood test (CBC) and a HIV test done after 8 weeks just because there was a few days i felt very tired.  I felt like this often over a couple of week period(which would have been about a month up to two months after exposure. I also had a very sore throat a few weeks after the unprotected incident..but i also had a wisdom tooth coming up at the same time-very sore.  Im pretty sure i got HPV(warts)..but not sure if i had them at the time.  My blood work and hiv test came back negative.   Its now 3 monthe since possible exposure..i have been reading alot of stuff on here about hiv and im not sure if im just paranoid but i a few changes in myself i noticed..im really worried and just need to know if they are AT ALL any type of HIV symptom:
1- slight bleeding when i move my bowels(blood is there once or twice a week)
2-vaginal discharge has become more odourous, white and cloudy, and also there is a little blood between periods
3-one of my feet pain in the morning when i walk onit-maybe in the joint
4-within the last 4 days i developed terrible marks on my hand which began as 1 red long mark which looked like i burned it, then a few other red spots and bumps came , then a HUDGE blister filled with yellowish stuff came in the middle of the red spots-very painful.

I have no fever or anything like that-no sore throat now....    But are any of these symptoms of hiv???  I am EXTREMLY worried about the hand rash!!   What could this be???
Also when i had my hiv test i noticed on the paper it said  HIV-2.....so does that include HIV 1...should i be tested for this seprately........????????? Im so confused.
Also i was wondering if HIV wouldnt show up on that test yet, would my blood work have showed up SOMETHING abnormal?????
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1. not a symptom of HIV
2. not a symptom of HIV
3. not a symptom of early HIV infection
4. nothing to due with HIV infection
It takes an HIV test to show if one is infected or not. It will not show up on a your CBC test.
You will need to test 3 months post exposure, which you could test now to obtain your conclusive test result.  
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