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Hiv negative after 5 months

I was tested July 8th after a possible exposure on feb. 17th. I talked to the guy and he has assured me that he does not have any STD's.  Anyways, I was tested after 5 months and the test came back negative.  I have done research and it says that the HIV virus could take up to 6 months to show up in a blood test.  I need advice on what to do. I am still freaking out and need some assurance that I am ok
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The advice is to trust your test results.  Testing out to 6 months is not recommended anymore, those are the old guidelines.
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So you think I'm ok????
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You probably are, not that only your partner assured you he/she was negative but you tested after 5 monthes, which is past the average time required for test (which is three monthes) so I say forget about, as long as you don't feel anything, be sure that you're negative, you may want to do one after a year or something just to be fully confident, that is if you are not already, but I assure you, you are negative. The chances of your result changing is slim to none.
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Okay so i have been getting sore throats off and on.  I'm not sure If I should be tested again after 6 months (the 8th of august) after being tested the 8th of july.  I have been smoking a lot due to my anxiety. what do you think??? Am i just being weird and anxious?
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3 months is not an "average" time...it is the guideline for a CONCLUSIVE result.  You do NOT need further testing....nothing affects seroconversion except some chemotherapy regimens,  anti-rejection meds post an organ translant...a VERY VERY minute portion of the population would fit into the recommendations of testing out to 6 months....and it is not you.

Symptoms mean nothing...test results mean everything.  You are perfectly fine.  Celebrate your results...live you life...don't think about this for another minute.

And PLEASE.......no "but if..." or..."but what about....." type of responses.

Your test is conclusive.
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is  Flagyl a anti-rejection drug when taking a HIV-1 and HIV-2 test ?
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You would know if you had an organ transplant that required an anti-rejection med I would hope.

Flagyl is NOT an anti rejection med!!!
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Thank you all so much for your help.  I wasn't even worried about this until i found out the guy i was dating was born with hepatitis and didn't tell me.  I was just scared that he didn't tell me about other things.  That was my reason for being tested for EVERYTHING.  Recently I was diagnosed with HPV with mild dysplasia a that kind of freaked me out until i heard how common it really was.  I went in for a colposcopy and she only found one spot which she and the labs said were mild dysplasia and would clear up on its own.  These last few months have been hell for me and from talking to many people I am at ease.
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Its not hiv concern
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