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Hiv negative after 9 months but still lots of symptoms persist

I had unprotected sex with one girl on 15 sep 2018.after 2 months i developed painful swollen lymph node in groin,neck and armpit.so I took duo test after 70 days that was nonreactive but lymph node and severe joint pain still persist.after 9 month also i have lymph node in neck and groin which are always paining . After 9 months I did again hiv duo test which was non reactive but lymph node pain ,joint pain,nousea oral leukoplakia is there.I am so worried .I have met more than 10 docters but no one is able to find anything. I have done all the check ups but nothing is there.I am still struggling.please help me.
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Your PCR, ag and ab tests were taken at right time frame. They definitively rule out HIV infection. Your ailments are unrelated to HIV, please see a doctor for them.
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You've tested conclusively negative twice therefore you don't have HIV. Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV therefore your problem is not HIV. If you had unprotected sex you should've also tested for all other STDs before having unprotected sex with anyone.
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Hi chima7,
I have tested for vdrl,hbasg and hiv.all are negative.my doc gave me doxycycline for 2 weeks so he was saying if any std is there then it will go by this medicine.

My CBC was normal.just to inform you i also did dna pcr test after 15 days of exposure that was also negative.but still after 10 months also I am experiencing joint pain,nausea,lymph node swelling in groin and neck.they are paining from last 7 months.

Is it possible that lymph node swelling occurs without fever??
I am worried about my symptoms.please help me.
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A duo is conclusive after 28 days. It is abnormal to test repeatedly for a disease that you are conclusively negative for. This is just an hiv prevention forum and you don't have hiv so you need to move on from that theory and stop testing for hiv.
Since the 10 doctors say that there is nothing there, your situation is not something that anyone on an hiv prevention forum can resolve. if you mean they don't think you have a problem then perhaps you should talk it over with a therapist.
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Thank you very much for your concern..but why always I am feeling naustic ,still lymph node pain is there ,always joint pain and now white patches on mouth came. i am not getting what is wrong with me.from last 10 months I am not able to do my job properly..please suggest me something and what can be this??

I have tested for vdrl ,Hbasg and hiv .all are coming negative.i tested for  ANA also that is also normal.
Please help me .what else can be the possibality for these physical symptoms?

I am so worried.
This forum only deals with hiv, which you don't have.
Thank you ..again.I am going to marry next month so can I continue unprotected sex??

Is it conclusive that I do not have hiv?? Sorry for asking again.but What to do I am going to marry and I dont want to spoil anyone life ..so please tell me can i have unprotected sex with my wife?

Thanks for your concern
Hello ,

Now I am facing sore on scalp .it is recurring and not healing soon.please let me know is there something to do with hiv?

Please tell me any one tested postive his/her negative result after 10.5 months.

Please help me
It's not possible to be HIV positive with symptoms and test negative. If your symptoms had anything to do with HIV you would've already tested positive. Since you keep testing negative every time even with these symptoms, it proves that you don't have HIV. Find a doctor that will address your symptoms and look for the actual cause instead of focusing on the one disease you've already conclusively tested negative for multiple times.
Thank u so much chima7 ..

I have two question
1. have you ever seen to anyone who tested hiv negative at 10.5 month and ther turn positive.
2.can i have unprotected sex with my wife?

Should i forget this episode of hiv or i should go for retest?
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