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Hiv or ?

I had sex with sex worker 45 days before with protection , within these time I feel sore throat continues , now have swollen near my tonsils area.from 8 days   Is this hiv. Or something else
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I can see you already asked this question.  The answer has not changed.  You had protected sex which is NOT a risk for HIV.  Sore throats are common and why you relate that to HIV is a mystery.  As you were told in your previous thread, the only ways that adults get HIV is from having unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex (WITHOUT CONDOM) or sharing IV rug needles.  So, you couldn't have gotten HIV from your sexual encounter.  
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But I feel some tiny lymph glands on my neck   And sore throat from one month
Thanks for u r answer guitar rox
Lymph nodes react if you are fighting off a viral sore throat.  This is not an HIV risk.  Sore throats are not something that when someone is thinking rationally they think "hey, I probably have HIV".  Because sore throats are very common.  You can get a sore throat being near someone. You can ONLY get HIV from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  
You don't have any medical training so should not be poking and irritating your lymph - and you shouldn't be self diagnosing that there is something wrong with your lymph when the problem MIGHT be your poking. A doctor did not tell you that there was something wrong with your lymph, so it MIGHT be just your made up idea.
It is not surprising that you have a sore throat since you didn't social distance from the sw, so likely you don't do it otherwise either. HIV negative people infected with sore throats give others sore throats! Or maybe you have throat cancer, live in dry conditions or smoke. If you think you are the only person in the world who often had a sore throat so that proves you have a different disease then you should talk to your doc - another reason is because you claim it is 45 days which is a long time.
Move on from hiv fixation, and stop trying to be a doctor because it has made you waste 45 days of your life in fear, worrying about your own ideas that a doctor could have straightened you out on.
Also stop making multiple threads because you waste everyone's time reading the same thing twice for no reason.
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