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Hiv possible exposure

Hello, I had protected sex with a female sex worker about 9 1/2 weeks ago. The next day after exposure I got a burning sensation in my genitals, went right away to the emergency room. The doctor said it was nothing (saw no symptoms, however got tested for gonnerahea and clamaydia and given antibiotics). Tested negative. I was still nervous, so I got tested again exactly 25 day after exposure for std's (syphillis, ghonnerahea, clamaydia, HIV). Doctor said he saw nothing wrong with me as well. Test results came back negative for everything. I felt healthy for 9 weeks. However, a couple of days ago I started to feel fatigue. The fatigue only occurs in the afternoons and sometimes I feel fine. I also started to experience minor night sweats, nothing profound. I also have frequent urination. I have not had any sore throat, or enlarged lymph nodes or rash at all. What are the possibilies of having contracted HIV?
I am really scared.
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I am getting really tired of these questions from people who had protected sex.

There are people in here that had UNprotected sex and are therefore at an actual risk.

You had no risk.

See a therapist if you have further concerns.
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Bluebell, your repeated questions indicate that you are just as irrationally concerned as any of the people who had no risk and are worried.

Its normal to be a little concerned if you had an actual risk, and to feel some anxiety until you get your test results back.

But to come here day after day, posting question after question after question to which there is no answer, shows you are consumed with irrational and abnormal anxiety.  You will find out when you get your own testing at the appropriate time.

You are abnormally worried about this.  I had a needlestick from an unknown patient once.  Sure, I was a bit worried but for GODS SAKE...I hardly thought about it until I got my results.  Choose to be consumed with fear and terror, or choose to be rational.  HIV is NOT an easy disease to contract.  Despite your inflated fear of it...its really not easy to get.  

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Yes, but I protected myself by making my partne wear a condom every time, then he takes it off without telling me!

A person who would do something like that is shady and doesnt care about others.

I know he gave me something. He took off the condom 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yep, Teak does that sometimes...
I think he enjoys doing it.
But that doesn't matter now - just take your test and then move on.
What other questions can there be?
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Teak has also scared me even worse than before I came to these forums...his stories of heterosexual transmission after ONE encounter. I was the unwilling victim of 3 unprotected encounters when he took off the condoms.
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I scare people when I tell them I got breast cancer at age 35 with no family history.  Sh*t happens.  Roll with it.  
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