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Hiv query

Hi had unprotected sex with a woman. I got tested at 14th week with hiv duo 4th generation test and result was negative. I had a swollen lymph node near ear after this exposure and I went to my GP (he is not specialist). What he told me made me anxiou, he told me test is only coclusive after 6 months and 1 year. Is this true ? Should retest again ?
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Oral, anal or vaginal?
Find a real doc because yours is a quack. Which country do you live in?
You don't have any medical training and don't know what lymph feels like so shouldn't poke it then think you are diagnosing.
It was vaginal unprotected
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The testing guidelines have been 3 months, maximum, for many years now.  I don't know why your doctor is using testing recommendations that are about 10 years out of date, but unfortunately that is the case.

Your 4th generation DUO test would have been 100% conclusive when taken any time at 42 days or beyond.  There is no reason to re-test, and whatever is causing your swollen lymph nodes has NOTHING to do with HIV.  You do not have HIV.
Thank you very much..yeah I just consulted an ID specialist. He laughed after hearing my story and said 4 weeks is conclusive for a single vaginal exposure. He actually made a call to the GP which gave me incorrect information and told him not to give such incorrect information and educated him on the same.
I should have made this appoint with ID specialist much before..
Thank you all for the help..
Good job by the ID specialist!  Nice to know that the GP won't be scaring patients anymore with outdated info.  Have a great weekend!
Have a great weekend ..
Just on query...Can I delete this post of mine...just to make sure that someone does not get anxious by reading this incorrect information in my original post..?
I dont know how to do delete it..or is it ok to keep it..?
Thank you once again..
It is a good instructive thread since it lists the actual times to test, so no reason to delete it.  Lucky for you that you got the right info here and can move on.
Indeed..Thank you..have a great weekend
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