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Hiv rash itch or not ?


Ive got rash on my body which is very itching especially in the night. Is it related hiv symptoms ? Cause ive ever read hiv rash is not ichy and some source say its itching. Ive got test with Hiv home test on my 75 days post encounter and it came back negative, but i know the conclusive test in 90 days after..

So my result absolutely not yet conclusive. So now im very worried about my rash on my body that is very itching. Especially in the night. Is it hiv symptoms or is it a scabies disease ? Im confused.

Rash on my body shaped red spot also on my nipples.

Any information about my issue ? Thanks for your kindly response.
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HIV rashes do not itch, and it is way too long after the even to have ARS symptoms like a rash.
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Thanks for your comment CurfewX,

so when the time hiv rash usually appear ?
Not everyone gets ARS, which includes, but is NOT limited to a rash.  If it happens, it would be about 2 weeks post-exposure.
Thanks again CurfewX, this information a lot things for me.

One more question related my issue if i may,

Is it can be a “false negative” on my HIV test result where i tested in 75 days post-exposure ? Is it possible the negative result can be turn to positive when i test again in the next 2 week (90 days) ?
Testing too early doesn't give you a "false negative."  It's just testing too early.  You have already asked this question and we're not going to continue to repeat advice already given.  This is not an anxiety hand-holding service.  Test at 90 days for your conclusive result.
Oke.. thanks for your answer CurfewX. Ill get test again in after 90 days. I hope it will be still negative. :(
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