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Hiv related question

Hai...Thanks for your forum..I have a question which is making me so anxious....Yesterday we went to our relatives house....Some one in the upstairs were shouting loudly and fighting.i didn't care them...A bit moment likely 0.3 ml to 0.5 ml blood fall on my hand,which was immediately rubbed by my 10 months old baby with his shirt hand,that blood got on his shirt hand and immediately he kept it in his mouth.....Is  my son is risk of hiv?? And also my hand had a little scratch which was done by my baby with his nail...Is am i also at risk??I saw all these but I didn't thought as blood  and hiv,after that I played with my son with same hnd touching his lips etc...In this scenario...We were at risk or not...Please tell me....
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No risk. Hiv is not transmitted through this method.
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Will you please explain in detail why??
0.5ml blood is not an easy thing.in case of hiv,it is not a sufficient blood??
Nurse girl or teak ,please reply...I very much belief ur words which makes me better...Thank u
Please be patient.  Our members are volunteers and will answer when they are able.
Okay...Thanq very much for your reply
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This is not a risk for HIV. HIV can only infect inside the body, which is why unprotected anal and vaginal sex are risks. Blood outside the body is no longer infectious because it is exposed to air, rendering it inactive and unable to infect. You had no risk and your kid had no risk from this scenario.
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Thanq....i read prechew food in infants is risk....My baby kept the blood into mouth...Still there is no risk??And it happened immediately
No, it is NOT a risk.  Ingesting blood, or any other bodily fluid, is NOT a risk for HIV.

Your infant has no chance to get HIV, because HIV is only passed by:
1) having unprotected anal or vaginal sex,
2) sharing intravenous needles, or
3) from mother to child, if the mother is HIV+

Nothing else you can think of - NO other event - is a risk for HIV.
May i know how much blood causes transmission??
The amount of blood would be so much that it requires immediate medical attention for risk of death by blood loss. A few drops of blood is nothing which is why you need to stop worrying and move on since there was no risk in this situation.
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