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Hiv retest question (rash)

I've tested for hiv 3x. Once at 10 days. Again at 30 days and again at 42 days. All tests were negative.

For about four weeks now I've had a rash on my chest that resembled what I've read to be an hiv rash. This rash had been located directly on my chest. However just today it had progressed very quickly to my belly and back.

I'm wondering if I should retest for hiv immediately or if should should just wait for the 3 month period? I've read that once an hiv rash is apparent that any and all hiv tests should test accurately because at this point the rash is a response to antibodies being formed.

Rash details:
Located on the chest belly back and shoulders
Little red dots and very tiny skin bumps (almost like I have goosebumps)
Little to no itchiness (I scratch every now and then but it doesn't kill me not to scratch nor do I feel I have to)
I few bigger bumps almost like bug bites
Have had it for roughly 4 weeks
Only today has it spread so much

Thanks guys!
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Ohh and are there any rashes that resemble hiv rashes? If so what are they? This Information is just something I could bring up when I go see my doctor about it. So if nobody knows it's fine.
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What was your risk?
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Vaginal sex with escort no condom. I tried asking her if she had any stds but she ignored me.
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If your test was 4th gen you are hiv negative. It is conclusive 28 days beyond.And if you had unprotected sex. Do not just limit testing to hiv. Test for all std's. Take care!
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Thanks for the reply. I'll try not to let it get too my head. Ima definetly retest ASAP for everything and again at the 3months time.

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If I add some pictures would anyone be willing to take a shot at what it is. Rash has progressed to the back of my hand. Should I seek immediate help? Or just wait for my doctors appointment?
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