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Hiv risk and prep

First of All, I really thank you for your help for what you do . I have an insident where I was with a escort girl. She tried to open a bottle of wine and it cut her hand from the top metal cover of the wine. After that I tried to open it and I cut my finger also from the same sharp wine cover. After that we hade intercourse.The question is that I am at risk of hiv? And should I considered prep pill? Thanks
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Forget about the wine bottle - not a risk.  Blood or fluid outside of the body is never a risk for HIV.

Was your intercourse protected?
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Yes protected . But I am really sorry to ask again the cut and blood insident I shouldn’t be worry of it no hiv risk
ZERO risk.  The only blood that would ever be a risk to you would be blood in a syringe, that you could inject into your vein with a needle.  Blood anywhere else is NEVER a risk for HIV.  Forget about this event and move on.
The last thing let’s say the cut on her finger had some blood on touched my top penuis ares? Thank you a lot I really appreciate
No - NO RISK.  There is no way that you can make blood, outside of the body, into a risk for HIV.
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