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Hiv risk due to condom malfunction

Hi all,

I dont know whether my condom broke or slipped but some how some cum got into her vagina..am from india she is a sex worker from south india of unknown status..

So took the below tests
1.ANTI HIV AG/AB COMBO at 12th,17th,21st,30th,45th day after that incident all came back negative.

My questions
1.are my tests conclusive
2.do my tests belong to 4th generation
3.lab tech guy said the meathod used for testing in cmia so is cmia accurate as other 4th generation tests.
4.some symptoms(dont know wheather it is correct or not)-feels like body is hot(neck n chest) some times but no fever this started from 3rd day of this event and experiencing till now its day 49 now
2.chills occassionally,
3.feeling leagthergic some time.
The lab is reputed lab in my city...ISO approved but the lab guy said the test is conclusive only at 3 months and 6 months that made me very anexious...
So what is the window period in india

Kindly help pls....thanks in advance...
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First of all, you would know if the condom had failed. (broken) When a condom fails, it fails catastrophically. There is virtually nothing left but a few shreds and the ring at the base of your penis. I do not think your condom broke.

If a condom slips off, once again, you would know this immediately when you withdrew your penis from her vagina as there would be no condom on it!

You say you don't know if either of these things happened, but I have to wonder how you wouldn't know.

You do know that women produce vaginal fluids, sometimes in rather large quantities and it often is mistaken for seamen. Since I believe it's unlikely the condom broke or slipped off, I would say that it was vaginal secretions you saw.

The tests you have taken so far are 4th generation, but they are NOT conclusive at 45 days. Your test at 6 weeks is a good indication of your status which is negative at this point. A 4th generation DUO test at 12 weeks will give you 100% conclusive results. Since the lab tech told you the test at 3 months would be conclusive, I don't know why he would say "AND 6 MONTHS,"  unless this lab routinely rechecks at 6 months as part of their protocol. You could always call and ask them. Since you say this is a good lab with a good reputation, I would advise following the protocols they have in place.

Symptoms are NEVER used to diagnose HIV no matter what you've read on the internet. Your symptoms sound more like anxiety than anything.

Any blood drawn test from a lab will give you conclusive results at 3 months.
I don't believe you ever had a risk so please try to relax and work on your anxiety.
Thanks alot rubywitch for ur reply..
U r rht but in my case i suspect the condom quality ..may be it would have got expired cause when i felt liquid running below(not sure below the condom or between the condom and my penis)..i asked her whether she cummed she said no with in seconds she felt that liquid too suddenly she said my cum has leaked hence took off my penis and checked my condom it seemed like ok but i didnt check it throughly..so i dont know what happened..it took 10 sec for realizing that and took my penis out...

My questions are.

1.u said my tests will be conclusive at 12 weeks..are you saying this based on the guidelines...i ll do test at my 12 weeks mark too..

2.these tests could pick up p24 antigen too rht?? So what is the window period for p24 antigen ??

3.is there any case where p24 is not detectable but later antibodies have been detected?

Thanks in advance.....

I repeat what I said about condoms failing. You would have no doubt. That your condom was intact when you withdrew is all you need to know.
Any blood drawn HIV test done at 12 weeks post exposure will give you 100% conclusive results. I also repeat that I don't believe you ever had a risk, but testing for peace of mind is worth it.
Hi rubywitch..

I tested after 12 week mark ..ie at 86th day after my intercourse and its non reactive...i have 1 questions

1. The test is anti hiv ag/ab combo...does it covers hiv 2??

Thanks in advance for ur help guys...u guys are doing great work....keep up the same..
Yes you are 100 percent conclusive at 4weeks you have wasted 2 months you are conclusive for both HIV1 and HIV 2

3months is old news . Please see my advice below and you can check what I mean to have a proper advice from a past doctor please do not worry you are conclusive

Enjoy smile a bit .. get back to reality it has been very stressful I am sure
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I am sorry to interrupt but your test are conclusive in my opinion .

4th generation test ag/ab combo are conclusive at 4weeks as long as you didn't take Pep

12 weeks is for antibody test only
Cdc: is consertive and they research has been done on antibody test only

If this isn't enough proof for you

Please google :" HIV combo 4weeks hhh medhelp" and you can have nice proof from an award wining doctor names hunter handsfeild so I want you to know your test is conclusive even though your risk would have been zero and you would have known the condom had failed as it leaves no doubt
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