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Hiv risk from CSW

Hello to everyone.Sorry for my english if I make some mistakes.Im from ukrain. So I had protected oral and vaginal sex 1 day ago with a CSW (prostitute/escort) in eastern europe bulgaria. We had sex for 15 minutes in different positions. At the final I ejecualted inside her. When I pulled out my penis condom was still on my penis. And the semen was looking tip of the condom.And the condom was looking normal, like it was not looking ripped or something. But I didnt look very carefully. After that I removed the condom with my hand. And I see that my penis was a little bit wet. I dont know if it was from the condom or it was the vaginal fluids of the CSW.After that I washed my penis and hands and I filled the condom with water. I didnt see a hole or leak. The problem is after 3 hour from the exposure I started to feel hot on my left groin. After 6 -7 hours it started to hurt. Right now my left groin hurts and feels hot. Could it be an STD or hiv? I tought I had protected sex? Could my condom failed and I didnt see it? Im waiting for the answers and help. Thank you for everyone.
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You had protected intercourse.  Unless you saw the condom ripped WIDE open - and you would have noticed - you did not have a risk for HIV.

Neither HIV nor any STD would show symptoms that quickly.  Whatever is wrong with your groin has nothing to do with STDs or HIV.  Again, you had zero risk for HIV and there is no need to test.
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Thank you for your response. I know this question is just anxiety but after I touched the condom I directly touched my penis. Could I contracted hiv or some STD like that?
No, you don't get HIV or STDs from touching anything, including a woman's vagina or a condom, and then touching your penis or any other part of yourself.
Thank you for the fast answer again really. My last question is my penis was wet when I pulled out the condom. I dont know if it was the vaginal fluids or from the condom. Could it be just from the condom and not vaginal fluids?
It does not matter why your penis was wet.  You don't get HIV from vaginal fluids that seep into the condom.  You would not get HIV from ANY fluid in the condom.  HIV is transmitted, sexually, by inserting an unprotected penis into a vagina or anus.  NOTHING else you can think of would be a risk for HIV.
So I dont need to get tested for hiv. Thank you for your responses it really helped a lot.
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