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Hiv risk from pimple bursting through blackhead extractor

Dear All, Yesterday evening i went for facial at male saloon. The barber used a pimple removal instrument (comedome extractor round shaped towards the end) I didn’t see visible blood on it before using. When he used to remove pimple it was bleeding alot.  My question is if the pin was not sterilized before and if it had any blood from previous customer, then will it be hiv risk ? Because my pimple bled too much and all of sudden I remembered the needle is risk.. my trying to calm down but you guys are can throw some logic to make sense.
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A blade or a razor don't work in the same way as a needle. Why ? Because the needle creates vacuum conditions inside, and air does not penetrate an in case the needle contains some infected blood, as pressure keeps the air outside, HIV is still able to infect once injected to another person. A razor, a blade, or any other equipment used in a beauty saloon don't have any structure that could keep blood inside, isolated from air, and keeping the virus able to infect. If these places where normal sources of HIV, we would see millions of new infections every single day, and we don't see them.

The only ways HIV is spread are:
-Unprotected vaginal/anal penetrations.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-mother to child.

All the best.
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