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Hiv risk from the sweat of a hiv positive guy

7 months ago I had a protected sex with many sex workers here in India but I fingered them n touched my penis foreskin by mistake while removing condom do I tested after 7 week non reactive,6 month non reactive n 7 month non reactive but my test was 2nd gen rapid antibody test so is my test conclusive?????now the main question...on 24 Dec 2019 i was at the Christmas party and one guy who had hiv shake my hand to wish me n he was very very sweaty and not even a minute ago I cut my thumb n it was bleeding and the flesh could possibly be seen so I'm scared now as the other guys sweat touched it ...now after 15 days I have fecer...one hard small bone like behind my ear, muscle pain , dry cough ....small rash which lasted for like 8-10 hours...plz help me
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Relax.... You are not any risk of HIV. Six and seven month time was more than enough to produce conclusive results using test kits of earlier generation. Therefore those two test results relieve you from HIV risk fully and conclusively

HIV doesn't transmit through casual contacts, hugging, hand shake, kissing etc. Further, sweat is not the body secretion listed in the infectious body fluids. Also, exchange of any infectious body fluids if takes place INSIDE the body then it can only cause the transmission of the virus.

Relax, calm down and move on with your life normally, you were never at any risk of HIV.
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Thanks for the quick response..I was not scared until I saw one post on the net which says hiv is present in the sweat and transmission through cuts n sweat is less likely and  even the doc here said some or small amount of hiv is present in the sweat
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