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Hiv risk rubbing

Hello, I have lurking these forums a few days now, decided to post my question. 11 days meet up with a guy. Ended up having sex using condoms. Before starting sex I was rubbing my penis head against his anus, without any penetration. When pentretation did occur, we used laytex condom, and lube. After having sex, I remove the condom. I then lay behide him in the nude, with penis laying against his butt, rubbing against his anus. Next morning we had sex, used another condom for anal sex. Although I didn’t have unprotected sex, I worried from hiv transmission from the rubbing the penis against his moist anus. Symptoms include slight sore throat, and muscus in eye corners. I do plan on going for hiv test. What is my risk?
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As an adult, the only risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

If you don't do either of those activities, you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.  Nothing else you can think of, including the event you described, is a risk for HIV, no matter what.

No unprotected penetration = no risk, period.
Thank yo for the answer. I do not want to question your knowledge. But if you can give a brief explanation for your answer. I always thought hiv was spread by infected fluids, coming across or penetrate the muscus membrane. The tip of penis did touch his anus, there were fluids present not sure if it was his rectal fluids or lube, or both.
No risk-no disease. It is time to move on from HIV.
It has to be penetrating as Curfew said. No penetration=no risk.
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