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Hiv risk

Im male never had any type of anal penetration or vaginal penetration. I had my hiv test in september and it was negative. From September till now i have had unprotected oral sex. I was receptive and ejaculated in his mouth. He also fingered me in my anal virgoriusly after touching his penis. Few months later with another guy i had my anal fingered and had penis to penis contact he also performed masturbation on penis after touching himself. Now my hiv anxiety is on its full peak. I know the hiv risks thats why i dont perform penetrated sex. Last month i had some red spots on my arms feets and waist area but had no fever or sore throat. It was itchy but not painful. It itched when stimulated. Was it hiv rash? Im so freaked out. Can semen or blood cause hiv through these acts?
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" I know the hiv risks thats why i dont perform penetrated sex. " You already know you had no risk. I am unsure why you suddenly got afraid that you have hiv - if a mother's child has a rash she doesn't head to a hospital for an hiv test and neither should you.
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Thanks your reply helps alot!!
There are 5,000 low % diseases that you can get with no warning. hiv isn't one of them and you don't spend any time thinking about them so no reason to worry about the impossible.

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