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Hiv risk?

Hi, What are hiv risks from this in a erotic massage place:
Fingering — no sign of cuts on finger.
Naked frottage with towel in between. Used towel to wipe down after.

Started PEP just in case because freaking out but is making me sick. Safe to stop?
Please help…
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Who would prescribe PEP for you based on what you say happened? That's not an indication for using PEP which is reserved for penetrative sex with someone CONFIRMED hiv positive. You had no risk. The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or to share IV drug needles to inject drugs. Touching, fingering, frottage through a towel? None of that is a risk. Air inactivates the virus. Yes, you should be able to stop pep. Speak to your doctor first before discontinuing any medication but you absolutely don't need pep and shouldn't have started taking it.
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Does hiv risk change if with a transsexual who has had gender realignment?
No.  The risks don't change no matter WHO you are with or what genitals they have.
I used the same towel she had been on so her vaginal secretions could have gotten onto my penis when I cleaned myself — still no risk?
You mentioned that in your original post.  Re-read the only HIV risks listed by GuitarRox above.
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