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Hiv risk

Recently had an encounter in massage parlour it didn't seem to be clean (massage parlour) Thai
No penerative sex and oral , I went for a body massage
My hands were on her pubic region didn't touch her vagina directly
And sometimes pinching her nipples
At one time she briefly touched my pennis to give me HJ to which I disallowed
At the end I selfmusterbated
My reason of concern is I used the same hand to musterbate which near her vagina pubic region and her nipples
She might had brest milk or some semi dry bodily fluids on her pubic region a little closer to her vagina
And I even used the towel that was kept in the room to wipe myself off, that was  definitely had been previously used by other customer
When I came out side the room I some how forgot to wash my hand, and mistakenly put the chewing gum inside my mouth (fingers holding the gum)
And now all these incident is making me freak out
1) her briefly holding my penis (her hands might had been contaminated)
2)me touching her pubic region and pinching her nipples and her panty (some bodily fluid might had got on my hand) and then self masterbation
3) previously used towel by the customer
4)Touching the metal door knob of the parlour which was definitely touched by the masseur after giving HJ to her previous customer since the wash basin was outside the room
5) putting the gum inside the mouth
Thinking going to take PCR test after 2 weeks
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

There isn't any other situation that you can think of that would put you at risk for HIV.  HIV fluid on your hands is not infectious.  There is no "what if" that you can add to this even that would make it a risk for HIV - you had zero risk, and you don't need a test.
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Bodily fluid (semi dry or dry) ( semen, brest milk , blood)  from hand to penis or mouth contact,
Wont the pubic hair near the vagina be contaminated
It was already explained that no, this was no risk. You won't get HIV from any of what you describe including semi dry or dry semen, breast milk or blood, all exposed to air and saliva which inactivate the virus. Including pubic hair. Pubic hair doesn't get contaminated with hiv. Air is present.

You were told the risks and those are those are the only risks.
You were wise in having no penetration.
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