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Hiv rna and 4th generation test

I did hiv rna test at labcorp using stdcheck.com at 17 days and it came negative,  now it's been 7 week amd I am still worried so can I do 4th generation hiv duo test ? Test results at 17days conclusive for rna ?
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First, if you had unprotected sex, while a risk, it is very low. Less than 1 percent chance of HIV transmission from a single encounter like that. So, the odds are very low. An RNA test that is negative at 17 days is a good indicator that you are negative. Take a 4th generation duo test at 28 days to confirm. Rna test are considered accurate from day 10 to 33.
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Thank you, it's been 52 days now from my incident so taking 4th generation test today,  I hope I am negative. I am really worried and scared due to symptoms.
If you are having medical symptoms right now, they are 100% not due to HIV infection.  Initial infection symptoms come much earlier, and they are acute - they disappear within a few days to a week.  They don't linger.  Additional symptoms signaling that a person is progressing wouldn't likely occur for YEARS.
Thanks , I did not had many symptoms earlier, I was only body itching at night and pain during urination . Since last 2 weeks I am having headache and small red bumps here and there on my body. Is this hiv symptoms? I did my test just now and waiting for results. I am still wondering why I did this. First ever encounter.
None of those are HIV seroconversion symptoms.
Thanks , will post my results when they come in.
This isn't a treatment center so no reason to post results. It's just hiv prevention and we don't keep stats of tests.
My results came in and it says hiv1 /hiv2 antibodies and hiv 1 p24 antigen were not detected. I have done this on 52nd day of my last exposure. Rna test came negative on 17th day of exposure. Can I rely on this results? Is there any further testing needed ? Please advise so that I can move on with hiv fear and annixiety.thanks for your valuable support guys.really appreciated
Neg test means it is time to move on.
If you have any more questions call the lab because it's time to move on but you don't seem to want to.
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First tell what was your risk - oral, anal or vaginal and did you use a condom?
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Unprotected vaginal
With sex worker. Only for 2 mins and I ejaculated inside her
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