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Hiv sumptoms worried

Hello doctors i have a question i just had a swollen lymph node under my jaw i had a risk a week ago it  hurts but i don’t have any other symptom my question is does swollen lymph nodes due to hiv appear in one location or all the body
Second question does it appear with other symptoms or can appear allone and the last one does symptoms can appear just after 7 days later thank you
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I’am really worried i can’t sleep
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What was your risk?
I had unprotected sex and i wanted to know if i can have symptoms just in 7 days
I also have a runny noise and i sneeze
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Can someone answer me plzz
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No, symptoms would not come that soon, and you wouldn't just have one symptom, like a swollen lymph node.  That is almost certainly the result of a common infection, like a cold or ear infection that your body is fighting.

You can get tested about a month after your encounter with a 4th generation test and you'll know your status.  Symptoms don't mean anything.  Everyone here thinks they have symptoms of HIV.  I've been here for 6 years, and only one person who thought they had symptoms actually ended up positive, and it was a high-risk exposure.  There have been thousands of people asking questions since then, all with "symptoms," and none who have had HIV.
Thank you so much for your answer so it means that my swollen lymph node has nothing to do with hiv?
That question was answered.
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