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Hiv symptoms and tests accuracy.

I am 25 year old.male.i performed insertive vaginal with a fsw .condom tore during intercourse and my glans were exposed .
I went to a doctor who put me on PEP ( VIRADAY) from day 6 till day 16 ( 10 days .i realised he ill advised me later from other doctor )
I took PCR RNA TEST for hiv 1 & hiv 2 , 4th generation antigen, antibody test 22  days post exposure ( negative )and 8 days after quitting viraday medicine .

1) are my test reports conclusive ? Or any reliable !
.2) mild muscle aches from 20 days can be a sign of HIV symptom or may be any sideffect of using viraday medicine ?
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Forgot to mention .i had dizziness too along with muscle aches .mostly after 10 days of exposure and still continuing !
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I have hiv elisa test 5.5 weeks after exposure and. 3.5 weeks after last viraday medicine..can i be free of hiv now? Any suggestions please
You need to test at least 30 days after your last dose of Viraday.  You can rest assured that it will be negative.  The physical issues you are experiencing are likely due to the medication or anxiety.
Thanks mate .i used viraday only for 10 days .can viraday have sideffects after quitting from 20 days too as per your opinion..

One more cant 3rd gen elisa detect antibodies.if these are hiv symptoms from 15 - 20 days
I'm not a pharmacist, and that's who you should ask about viraday and the possible side effects.  Again, they sound like anxiety.

No, you would not have formed sufficient antibodies by that time.  You need to take a 4th generation test 30-ish days after your last dose of viraday.  If you cannot get a 4th generation test, you'll have to wait 90 days after your last dose of viraday for a truly conclusive result.
Got it mam! I realised i have to wait for 5 more days and get tested via 4th gen !
Hope for good.
Thanks for your opinion .really appreciated .
I got 4th gen test ( negative ) 6 weeks of exposure ! Exactly 4 weeks after stopping viraday ! But my muscle aches still persists...can i move on? Is that convlusive..hoping for your comment with experience sir / madam
4th gen duo combo.7 weeks exposure ,5 weeks post last dose ofviraday (negative) ! Is it conclusive???.i am confused which guidelines to follow..pep /non pep . because my i used meds but only for 10 days ..! Your opinion sir/madam ..
You won't find consensus on when to test but this site relies on the opinion of expert docs who say you can test 4 weeks after stopping the Pep. So your neg result is conclusive and you need to move on from HIV.
Your symptoms can never prove ANYthing, so there is no purpose in bringing them up as if they did. Likely the pains are in your imagination from fear - anyone can think they have aches or dizziness if they over-examine their body.
Wow ..thats. Good to hear sir.thank you. I will moveon.
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