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Hiv symptoms

Hey I had unprotected vaginal sex about a month ago. 2 weeks later I developed a runny nose, sore throat,  sneezing, and coughing. No fever but after that I kept getting really red across my chest and shoulders after a bath never noticed it before but also was never really looking for it I know when i get hot my face and neck turn red but never really paid attention to my chest area. I went to the dr. he said it was allergies I have never had allergie problems before so i told him my situation and he said it was to early for a hiv test. So he gave me a wbc test and it came back normal he told me to calm down but i cant im freaking out I cant stop thinking about it do these sound like hiv symptoms?
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not indicative of hiv

test at 3 months post exposure to obtain a conclusive test result.
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