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Hiv symptoms

Hello Dr
First of all forgive me for my bad English.
I am a male from London, had unprotected sex with a sex worker on 14/Aug/2011 ( the day I killed my self). It was oral and anal ( top or insertive) which only lasted less then 1 min ( anal )without condom I always use condom but that day i don't know why. i trusted the girl when she told me she is clean and closed my eyes and done it.
Now long story short. I had feelings after sex that i was tricked and she gave me HIV or and other STDs ( Typical paranoia ) i rushed to the toilet and washed my penis and left her house.
Now from that day i wasn't feeling well, and Google with the word HIV/STD become part of my life.
2-4 days later i had very mild itchy (cant even notice ) also mild headache.
4-10 days later i saw some spots on my tong ( near the throat) my stomach started to growling (fart noises)  I started to panic and rushed to the main hospital at day 14  01:00 am (emergency only) I told the Dr all my story and he told me dont worry u are at low risk and ur anxiety  is driving you crazy since i told him i have a wife and 2 baby girls and i feel so ashamed of what happened. and my stomach and this symptoms, his answer was simple and told me to go and see an STD clinic which is closed now here is for only emergency (AE)  but he said relax and stop worry too much about HIV since u are at low risk.
He made my day and i was soo happy almost like i had a test. went home slept well that night assuming google is full of lie. The next symptom was  Vibration on my nerve /head/ muscle/ even stomach /eyes. sometime.
22 days after  i went to the STD clinic and and saw professionals about HIV/STDs and told me the same thing ur symptoms are not HIV but still we will still test you for all STDs and HIV rapid test where u get ur answer same time but other stds u will come back for the result next week.
I was tested negative on HIV and the person was very friendly and told me she can see from my eyes that i am too worried and that's normal since HIV is a scary disease. but she told me she knows about HIV a lot and some time we can tell ppl infected with HIV within 2 weeks or 3 but ur not infected and stop worry. (anxiety) still they told me to come back after 9 weeks to make it 12 weeks after exposure. and all the fear will be gone.
I have came back after 7 day for my other STD result and they told me Chlamydia is Positive. what a shock so i wasn't anxious i was  correct when i said that girl gave me a disease. and only me i can tell if my health is compromised/under attack.
any ways they told me its very common std bacterial and easy to treat. So they gave me azithromycin 250g x 4 at once and it should  clear the bacteria in 7 day or more but dont have sex and bring ur wife to be treated even if she dont have symptoms. wooow a big drama since my wife dont know nothing about this and i told her i am going to the hospital to check why my stomach making noises even if i am nt hungry.
now i told her what Dr told me to take her to the clinic for Chlamydia treatment she never heard of it but she went with me and was treated without test and also they tested her for all other STD?HIV she was Negative but still was given the 4 tablets.
my wife was told she is pregnant. wooow i was so happy but also crying inside of what i did to her.
now 7 days past and clinic called me and told me i was cured with chlamydia and i shouldn't have to worry that much, since its only chlamydia and these 4 tablets is best cure.
Now i am having new symptoms every 2 to three days, Nausea but never vomited, the last one is muscle pain/needle/burning sensation in my back of the head/ feet/arm everywhere comes and go in seconds this is the most annoying symptoms.
The only symptoms of HIV i didn't get is fever/Diarrhea/Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpits or groin/ etc
I had only one Diarrhea 24 hours after i took azithromycin 250g x 4.
today before i registered in this forum i went to the toilet to have a **** now my **** is mixed with blood i think.

I dont think this is Anxiety or any panic attach my urine is red at the end of pissing almost blood.
i dont have any signs of chlamydia at all no pain in penis/testicle/anus ets. why doctors told me chlamydia ( I HOPE ITS ONLY CHLAMYDIA) But i doubted.
Can any one tell me what is wrong with me and also should i test in 6 weeks to calm down my anxiety. is this HIV?
Please help me DR..Many thanks in advance

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See a doctor for your symptoms. You can obtain your conclusive HIV test result 3 months post exposure.
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mewhyme you never had a risk and you don,t need to test.Any test you take for this exposure will be negative
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I went to the same clinic today and check my urine sample.
The nurse told me she can detect any blood in my urine while there was blood signs in my pants.
she said i am clear for chlamydia and asked if the blood in ur urine come again see ur GP as she dont think this is STD.
also about my pins/burning/needle/muscle pain/sensation is the ANXIETY.
Is that right?
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ANXIETY can cause very real physical symptoms
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i am sure is not anxiety i tell you why.
I called the walk-in center as my GB is closed the direct me to the walk-in center , I have told them my urine at the end is blood and told me to come asap to the hospital (Royal London Hospital ) and he took urine sample and he can see it red not normal but blood and told me he will ask a professional since this is not something to ignore.
he called the pro and told him about my chlamydia treatment and the pro said it can be chlamydia treatment however we need to investigate and scan you so I am waiting for my appointment and go to the hospital for scan/'check up.
He said there is no infection in ur urine he can see only blood without infection so nothing he can prescribe.
Just wait for the pros to call.
What kind of STD/STI is this?
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You'll have to post in the STD forum for STD questions.
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Hello Teak
How can i transfer this post to another section i am totally new and I've never registered in any forum b4, this is the only forum i registered and it took me almost 5 days just to post.
I am very noob. so please help me.

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You'll either have to cut and paste or retype it.
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Ok!! just a new update about my HIV result after 3 months.
The result are negative( Thanks God for that ) i was praying all these 90 days windows period.
so now all my fear and symptoms are gone, but i still have symptoms that i dont know the reason or what cause this but i think is time to visit my GP since is not any Std/Sti thingy.
I have asked the clinic to test all others stds and the result will come next week.
will let you all know, for now i am glad i am HIV negative after 3 months of espouser. and i can move on.
many thanks.
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I'm glad to hear that you're okay!  I am going through the same thing, tomorrow I'm having a rapid test done at 7 weeks 3 days, and hope and pray to God that it's negative.

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You never had an exposure and don't need an HIV test. MOVE ON.
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