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Hiv symptoms

I did protected sex with prostitute on 10 jul 2012 , and got fever on 7 aug 2012 with highly cough & headache ,i took medicine and fever went away , but but headache and cough was present ,after 3-4 day of coughing in morning coughing up blood then went to doctor and dignosed with chest cold ,it was rainy day and also temprature was low , then took medicine and cough went away. now today after 3 months of exposure feel two swollen lymph nodes in neck        behind the ear ,  I  have hiv symptoms ????????
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You had protected sex and you didn't state that the condom broke, so you have no risk.  Continue to use condoms and try having sex with someone you know and can go back to them if you have any concerns in the future.  Best of luck to you.
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read the first 4 words of your above post.

you had NO risk
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You never had an exposure, you had protected sex.
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