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Hiv symptoms

Hi, sorry if this is really long but on the 31st of august i went on holiday to spain with friends, the following night on the 1st September I had sex with a female prostitute from the street , although a had a condom on i was really drunk and the condom was provided by the prostitute i am really worried incase there was anything up with the condom or something. about two days after I had a real bad stingy/burny feeling in my penis which was really painfull especially when I urinated I got back on the 7th and felt fine I just had a slight blocked nose I went back to work on the 9th with a cold just a slight cough and blocked nose but at work I was felt really run down and exhausted obviously because I'd been on a lads holiday drinking every day and night right? The same night I went straight to sleep on the sofa but woke up got into bed and was shivering and my cold getting worse. I woke up on the 10th feeling alright but I had a sore throat, cough and blocked nose. The day after I had quite a bad ache in my right shoulder which I just though was recovering from the holiday but my sore throat had gone and my cough seemed to get better yesterday I woke up and both my arms had a real bad ache from my shoulder to my hands which felt stiff and weak my cough seemed to have got worse again and I felt really light headed, I have read up on hiv symptoms and was really worried about this so went into a walk in clinic where the told me I have no infection in my penis and the stinging might be from to much alcohol and should get better and I should go back in 6 weeks for another HIV test. I woke up this morning with my arms still aching and I have developed swollen glands I don't know what to think because I've got a real bad feeling as I have most of the symptoms but both my friends i went on holiday with have quite a bad cough and blocked nose. I really need someone's advise as I am really worried I have hiv.
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If the condom was broken you could have seen it. You had no risk.
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