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Hiv test and herpes

I’m confused I will tell you my story guys,, I had protected vaginal with two girls in Philippines and unprotected oral I met them in the bar, after 8 days I went back to my country and had unprotected s*x with my GF 2 days later I had very high fever last for 4 days then after few days I notice small pimples on my pubic area with burning sensation in my leg the DR told me it’s Herpes .. he told me don’t worry about hiv but I was crying every day and can’t eat I went to get all STD tests include HIV

After 19 days of my exposure in Philippines

Which is after 11 days after had sex with my gf

All came back negative except HSV2 came positive

I ask my gf to go test and the results came all negative except HSV1,2 came positive

I think she gave me the Herpes

I’m confused I had very high fever over 101 2 days after got herpes from my gf is it possible? Is it herpes symptoms or hiv symptoms I’m really really scared

And the high fever was after 10 days from protracted s*x in Philippines
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Okay, it's better to keep it all on one thread.  Good news.  You had ZERO risk for HIV from your protected encounters.  The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Oral sex is not a risk. Air and saliva both render the virus inactive.  So, in all the time they've been tracking and studying HIV, there is not a single proven case to have taken place due to oral sex.  So, you did not expose yourself to HIV with your activity.  

You don't need to worry about HIV from the exposure with the two girls you had protected sex with.  Do you believe your girlfriend is faithful?  

I'm not sure why you are worried about HIV but will tell you that HIV is not a risk in your situation and is never diagnosed by symptoms.  Sorry you got herpes though.
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Thank you, I don’t really understand how dengrous is herpes, is it bad as HIV ?!!! I read there no cure for herpes and I know that but it makes me scared, how bad is living with herpes
You need to speak to your doctor about the right course of action for having herpes.  Yes, it is chronic.  People take suppression medication to keep from having episodes.  Please note you can now give this to others including a significant other.  You are probably going to need to tell your girlfriend.  Couples in which one partner has herpes and the other does not need to be careful so that you do not give it to her.  I would want a confirmation test though to make sure you have herpes.  
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