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Hiv test stiil soon. Very worried. Cant sleep.

Hi.I posted here before but i started a new thread since it has been a long time i had created the previous thread.I wanted to post in the doc forum but i have not got my pay yet and quite low on cash.
During the past days i have been thinking about all my encounters, and they go as follows:
Num 1 (August 2003): Sex with pros. Started with condom but i was drunk and could not ejaculate. So she took off condom and when had sex for at most 2 - 3mins. I told her beforehand that i was a virgin. I dont remember any fever or ARS after the encounter.
Num 2 (August 2003): sex with pros. Wore condom.
Num 3 (August 2003): Sex with pros. Wore condom.
Num 4 (January 2004): sex with pros. Wore condom. Could not ejaculate. Pros gave me unprotected handjob.
Num 5 (May 2005): sex with pros. wore condom. could not ejaculate. Pros gave me a blowjob.
Num 6 (september 2005): sex with pros. wore condom.
Num 7 (december 2005): sex with pros. wore condom.
Num 8 (january 2006): sex with pros. wore condom.
Num 9 (march 2006) sex with pros. wore condom. could not ejaculate. Pros took off condom and had sex for at most 2 - 3mins. after sex she was concerned and asked if i was ok. i told yea. i asked her if she was ok. she said yea.
Num 10 (april 2006): sex with pros. wore condom.
Num 11 (may 2006): sex with pros. wore condom. but i stop sex after 5 mins and went back home. did not ejaculate. Had fever, diarhea and rash (jock itch) after one month. fever may be due to change in climate resulting from moving from singapore to a cooler country.
All encounters in singapore only.
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From what I could tell, in all of the encounters that you described, only one could be considered a risk for HIV. Simply put, the odds are against you having contracted HIV from this one time unprotected encounter.

Still, every sexually active person should get a full STD panel (including an HIV test) at least once a year. I think I read that you have taken the HIV test. If so, good man. I know it can be hard to muster up the courage to go ahead and do it - it can be a nerve wracking experience. My hope is that you will not have to wait so long for your (most, most likely) negative result. It will be conclusive.

Until then, spend some time reading through the moderated forum here for questions similar to your own. The doctor's words, I am sure, will help to alleviate some of your anxiety.

Take care of yourself.
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Im sorry that the post was so long. I just wanted to evaluate my risk. I know i have been at risk and really regret that. My hiv test is due soon.
I dont fall ill very often and neither do i get cold and flus very easily. Last time i got a flu and fever was in june 2006. This december it was raining heavily in singapore and i got wet on mayn occasions. All my friends got ill from influenza/fever and i was around them lots of time. However, i did not get ill. Can i take that as a good sign.

Im very much scared. If i am hiv+ (touchwood), my life will be over. I will be deported from singapore. Thats the most scary part.

Any comments or word of encouragement will be much appreciated.

God bless.
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The chances are largely on your side. Let's say 1% of sex worker has HIV. Unproctected vaginal sex risk is around 1/2000. The chances of catching HIV from a single exposure from a sex worker is about 1 on 200,000.

Just get tested. No Dr. can diagnose HIV through symptoms. Get a rapid test and you will have the answer to all your questions in 20min.

Where I live rapid tests are not available. So I had to take a blood sample test at the hospital. Results take 2 week to arrive. That is very long when you're worried. Go get your test and I would strongly suggest to get the 20min one if available. Waiting 2 weeks when you finally comit to take a test is very long.
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thats alot of exposures. But i wouldnt worry cos, the true fact is that your where protected every single time. Take the rapid test.
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Thanks everyone for your support.

Earlier i had a medical test i for a job posting in a company i was applying to. I had chest xray done, tongue/tonsil diagnosis, and urine test. Well, the medical test came back ok since i got the job.
However, i did not have any blood test. I assumed that since the chest xray was ok, i did not have KS, coz i read that Ks can been diagnosed through chest xray.

Im waiting to get a reply from the immigration of singapore asking me to go for hiv test. im afraid to go tested now because i love my job and that if ever am found positive (touchwood), i wont even be able to enjoy the few remaining weeks before i go tested for the immigration authority.

i have 3 more questions, if you dont mind..
1. Does the jock itch have anything related? I have had it even before i had my first encounter but the jock itch was cured with anti-bacterial soap. The jock itch do come at times when i sweat a lot or when its very hot.

2. What does the hiv rash looks like? Is it similar to back acne coz i have back acne but i did not have any rash/pimple on on my hands/legs/belly. Have only had pimples on the back now and then.

3. Is 11 encounters with pros considered a lot? do people normally have much less than me?

Thanks a lot.
God bless.
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Hi. I know i have been driving myself crazy lately. I just have not been able to get enough courage to go for the test. There is too much to lose.

One more weird thing that have come up lately is that yesterday night i had a dream. I dreamt that my test result came out positive. I was so scared that now i am scared to go to sleep again :S
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A couple of thoughts on this.

First, if, by some remote chance you are HIV positive (which I don't think is very likely at all), it is always better to know it than not to know it. It is more important to know that fact than it is to keep a job or live in Singapore. We are talking about your health here, which is more important than anything else you may have going on.

Second, dreams are not facts. I do not find it surprising that you are dreaming about this, as it seems you are under a great deal of stress and anxiety. The only way you are going to alleviate your stress and anxiety is to go get the test. That is the only way to put this behind you. And I have to question how much you are able to enjoy either job or life at this moment given your anxiety level over this anyway.

Bottom line, go get the test, see the negative result, and *then* you'll really be able to enjoy that great job.
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Hi guys, really really thanks a lots.

What you all said made complete sense.

It is also true that i am not able to enjoy both my job and life at the moment. Everyday at work, i keep thinking about the stuffs i will be missing if the test goes wrong. When i come back home, i spend 3 to 4 hours on the net searching for symptoms and stuffs.

You have given me the courage to get tested and i will do so by the end of the week.

Really, thanks.

God bless.
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