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Hiv test

Can someone please tell me the reliability of a HIV  test at 6-7 weeks?

I live in the UK and they say the tests are very upto date.

I know there is a 3 month period but would a test still pick up HIV at the above time scale ?

many thanks chris
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Sorry forgot to say that I got tested and it was negative at 6-7 weeks.

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of course it was negative...you were never at risk
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Thanks Lizzie Lou

Whats the minimum time HIV can be detected in the blood from first exposure?

Sorry whats  the reliability in % at 6 weeks
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Clearly your not understanding...if you didn't have a risk then testing from the exposure is null and void. It's going to be negative from 1 day to 3 months.

We can not give you a % at 6 weeks for a non risk. Actually I can give you a percentage...100%, same as it would be at day 1 and day 30 and day 90 and day 1200.

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Hi sorry to be confusing!

If i had a test at 6-7 weeks would it pick up HIV ?

How long does it take to have HIV antibodies in the bloodstream so that can be detected with HIV tests.

I know i had a negative result but have some anxiety
thanks chris
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If you had a test at 6-7 weeks it would be negative from your incident.

If someone who had an actual risk had a test at 6-7 weeks it could pick it up...probably about 90-95% of the time. Testing is 3 months for a conclusive negative.

But you are causing yourself too much pain and worry over this, you had no risk. You have a higher risk of a false positive (which is not common) then you do of getting HIV from protected sex.

take zero and multiply it by zero and you get your risk.
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Thanks ever so much for your help ;-)
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