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Hiv test

I had a 1/2 hiv antigen and antibody test 4th generation with ref done at 15 out with negative results. Is that enough time for the antigens?
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What was your exposure ?
Intercourse but the condom might had fallen of Brielfy plus oral?
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You had no risk with the oral sex. Condom fallen off?. If you lost the condom upon withdrawal, you had no risk. But if had continued the penetrate without condom, you definitely had a risk there.

Tested at 15? 15 days or 15 weeks?. If you meant 15 days, I'm afraid it's a bit too early. But at this moment any negative result is a good indicator. The recommendations per the CDC would be the Duo at 6 weeks followed by a 12 the week ab test would conclude your status.
I don't have a constant rash but my skin gets red in certain areas then goes away usually increases when I have alcohol.  It doesn't last more then a day or less.  Any thoughts
i have almost the same symptom, as this redness appears no the back of my hands and disappears in few minutes. Mostly in tense situations or when i am tense. But it doesn't follow any pattern.
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